My husband has a new nickname for me.  I am the crazy chicken lady.  Why? You may ask. Well, my flock keeps growing. 

Last spring we started out with 3 adorable Rhode Island Reds.  I bought and put together a coop, and my husband helped me set up a run and compost bin for them.

About a month after we moved them into the coop, I got two Black Rock chickens.  It was my day off, the kids were at school and I was bored. So, when you have nothing to do, why not go buy chickens. 

Last Friday my kids and I were out running errands and my son wanted to go to the local farm store to see the baby chicks.  He recently had an expander put in his mouth and was having a hard time with it, so I was willing to treat him to his request.  The store had a few chicks that were 2 or more weeks old and a bunch of ones younger.  They were wanting to get rid of the older ones, so I took 4 off of their hands (for free).  I got two Ameraucanas, a Red Sex Link, and a Silver Laced Wyandotte.  My children were thrilled. 

Yesterday my husband and my dad worked very hard converting our unused doghouse into a coop for the new chickens.  While they worked I was sent to the farm store to get some supplies for them.  I picked up what was needed, and 2 Barred Rock chicks. 😉 I came home to a well built chicken coop and the new nickname of the Crazy Chicken Lady.  

We now have two coops and 11 chickens. I am not allowed to go to the farm store any more. 



I wanted to get a quick post up to say hello.  I am Andrea and I love my kids, Crafts, books, food and life.  This blog is to let me share all my favorite things and experiences.  I look forward to posting craft projects, book recommendations, and recipes.  I hope you will enjoy the craziness that is me.