Shopping for Clothes 

I signed up for Kidbox last September. If you don’t know, Kidbox is a subscription service for children’s clothing.  They send a box of clothes to your child 5 times a year.  There are no fees, and you only pay for clothes you want to keep.  If you decide to keep everything the cost is only $98 for the entire box.

I signed both of my children up. We just got the boxes last week.  I had contacted the company and while ago to find out why it was taking so long, and they said my son was in a very popular size and they had run out of items and were waiting for a new shipment.  so, it took a little bit.

When you first sign up you enter information about your child such as their size and style.  This helps the stylists pick out the right clothes.  Once you get your box, you have 7 days to decide what to keep.

The boxes came loaded with stuff, and they were all quality brands.  My son got 2 short sleeve shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts, a zip up sweatshirt, and 2 pairs of pants. We ended up exchanging 3 items for different sizes.

My daughter got 3 long sleeve shirts, a dress, 4 sweaters and a pair of jeans. We are exchanging 2 items for different sizes.

Exchanging items is very easy, and shipping is free both ways.  My daughter didn’t care for one of the items in her box, but it was less expensive to keep the item then to return it since they give you a really good deal when you buy the whole box.  I figure we can give it to someone else as a gift.  Kidbox will also donate to a charity if you buy the box. My kids each got to pick a charity. They really enjoyed being a part of the entire process, and I enjoyed the convenience.

I really recommend Kidbox. It is fun, easy and affordable.  The quality of the clothes are good, and you can avoid fitting rooms, lines and dragging your kids around the store.



Final Food Box

I should have written this a lot earlier,  but life has been busy.  I  received my final food delivery box last month.  It came from Hello Fresh. With a special coupon offer I paid  $59 for three meals for a family of 4. The regular price is  $105 for this box.

Just like the other boxes, everything was delivered to my house and the box contained everything I needed for each meal.  With Hello Fresh,  each meal was in its own box within the larger box.

I was not too impressed with the freshness of the produce.  One zuchinn was starting to go soft and had a large cut.

Overall we enjoyed the meals and they were easy to prepare.

I especially liked the mac and cheese.  I think Hello Fresh is a decent choice for the price.   I am not continuing any of the meal services, as I have found going to the store to be less expensive.


Next Food Box

In my last post I wrote about trying Blue Apron.  The food delivery service.  I signed up for Home Chef as well.  I managed to get a discount on my first box and paid  $49.95 for 2 dinners for 4 people, while the regular cost is $79.95.

I received my box on Friday and it came with recipes and all the needed ingredients.   I was a little disappointed in the quality of the produce. My tomatoes were starting to look bad. I should have taken a picture, but I forgot. The meals turned out fine, and my family enjoyed both meals.  The first meal was steak tacos.  I didn’t take a picture because I had company.

The second meal was orange chicken.

I did like that they have any easy to use app, and you have some choices for your meals.  But overall I was not very impressed with Home Chef.  Their produce was not fresh, and they are a little pricier then other companies.

Stay tuned for my final food service review.


Food Box

I recently signed up to try some different food delivery services.   Have you heard of any? Basically they plan the menu and deliver the recipe and ingredients to your door.

The first one to arrive was Blue Apron. I signed up using their promotional coupon to save a little.  I opted for 2 meals a week for 4 people.  The promotional price was $39.92, and the regular price is  $69.92.  I received my box on Wednesday. Everything came nicely packed box with ice packs.

The recipes come printed on nice, easy to read cards, and all the ingredients were easy to organize for each meal.

All the produce appeared to be fresh and I was impressed with how great everything looked.  The instructions for the meal were easy to follow and it was fun trying new recipes.

 The second meal was BBQ roasted chicken with sweet potato fries, and carrots with collard greens.  I had never had collard greens before,  and they weren’t bad. The things I really like about Blue Apron is they let you choose your meals from a few different options, the produce appeared very fresh, and the price is a little lower than other companies.  They also let you skip deliveries.  I am a little disappointed that they only have an app for iPhones and not for androids.  It would be nice to have an app to manage my account.

Overall I like Blue Apron.  It is simple, the food is good, and it really helps make life easier.