Starting the Garden

Now that I live on a decent bit of land, I am able to have that big garden I have always wanted.  Of course, I do not have a very “green thumb”, but I am going to give it a try.  A couple of weeks ago we bought a greenhouse from Amazon, and it is a pretty good size.  My hope is that starting plants in the greenhouse will help them to be more successful.

On Easter Sunday my daughter and I put the greenhouse together and planted a lot of seeds into starter planters.  We worked the entire afternoon and had a lot of fun.  All of the planters fit well and we managed to fill up quite a few shelves.


I was watering the plants every other day, and despite the crazy cold and wet weather we have been having, the greenhouse was keeping the plants very nice and warm.  This weekend, however, we had a disaster.  There has been a lot of hard wind in our area, and a huge gust managed to knock over the whole thing.  All of the planters fell and dumped their contents.  I was so shocked and devastated.    But we all worked together and got the greenhouse standing again.  My husband moved it closer to the actual house to help block the wind a little better, and he replaced the stakes with some bigger, better ones.  We also scooped up all the dirt and seeds and planted them in a small section of the garden.  I don’t know if they will grow, since they are all a mix of different seeds, but it should be interesting.

Yesterday we bought new seeds and replanted everything.  We are back to square one, but hopefully we will have a little more success and no more disasters.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.


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