Chair Booties 

One year in the new house, and already my floors have scratches. After my dad so “graciously” pointed this out to me, I decided to take action. 

A good portion of my furniture, including my dining set, are hand-me-downs. And they are old, worn, and not too nice on my floors.  I would love to replace everything,  but it is not a priority for us at the moment.  So, we make do with what we have.   That is why I made these little caps, or booties  (whatever they’re called) for my dining set.

They work great and keep my floor safe from scratches.  I did a really easy and simple pattern consisting of mostly half double crochet stiches.  

I am pretty sure that even when I get a new dining set, I will still use these booties to protect my floor. 


F crochet hook 

CH- chain

SS- slip stitch

HDC- half double crochet 

CH 4 and connect with a SS making a circle. 

Round 1: CH 1, 10 HDC into circle.  SS to first HDC to join. (10)

Round 2: CH 1, 2 HDC into 1st HDC from round 1, 2 HDC into each stitch and join with SS (20)

Round 3: CH 1, 1 HDC into each stitch and join with SS (20)

Round 4-9: Repeat round 3. Tie off when done and weave in the ends.

You can adjust the size to fit your chairs by doin more or less rounds.

Good luck,  and may your floors remain scratch free.


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