Carseat Cover

I recently received an invitation for a baby shower.  So, naturally I had to figure out what to make for a gift.   Usually I make a baby blanket and call it good,  but this time I wanted to try something a little different. Plus, I am sure the mother-to-be will get several blankets. 

I have been seeing a lot of patterns for carseat covers on Pinterest,  so I thought I would give it a try.  I really like the idea of the carseat covers and I wish I had one when my kids were babies.  I really hope the mom-to-be likes the gift.

Here is the pattern I used.  I am not very good at writing patterns out, so hopefully it will all make sense. 

Hook: I

Any three colors of medium yarn. 

Colors: A, B, and C


SC=single crochet 

HDC=half double crochet 

DC=double crochet 

SS=slip stitch


Color A: CH 70

Row 1: In second CH from hook SC, then DC in same CH. Skip one CH, then SC and DC in next. Repeat across.

Row 2: CH one and turn. SC and DC in last SC from previous row. Repeat across doing SC and DC in the SC stitches from row one.

Row 3-6 repeat row 2.

Change to color B and do 2 rows like the previous rows.

Change to color C and do 2 rows. 

Change to color B and do 2 rows. 

Change to color A and do 6 rows. 

Continue this pattern ending with the 8th strip of color A. Do not tie off.

Border: CH one then HDC along the top. At the corners do 3 HDCs and continue around the blanket. SS into first HDC. CH and repeat.  5 rounds in color A, 1 round color B, 1 round color C and finish with 1 round color B. Tie off and weave in ends.

Straps: make 2

Using color B, CH 26. Starting in second CH from hook SC across.  CH 1 and turn.

SC across. Repeat to make 6 rows.

Switch to color C. SC across, then 3 SC in the corner. CH 5, 3 SCs in next corner.  SC across, 3 SC in corner,  SC across, 3 SC in corner and SS to first color C SC. 

SC all around strap including in the chain. This creates a button hole. When you have made it around cut a long tail to sew the strap to the blanket. 

You can use a button or make a button.  I made the buttons using color A.

Button: make 2

CH 3 then join using SS. CH one then 8 SCs into circle.  SS to join.  2 SC into each previous SC. SS to join.  Cut a long tail to sew button to blanket. 

I hope this all makes sense.  Please comment if you have questions.  I hope you enjoy this pattern.


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