Food Box

I recently signed up to try some different food delivery services.   Have you heard of any? Basically they plan the menu and deliver the recipe and ingredients to your door.

The first one to arrive was Blue Apron. I signed up using their promotional coupon to save a little.  I opted for 2 meals a week for 4 people.  The promotional price was $39.92, and the regular price is  $69.92.  I received my box on Wednesday. Everything came nicely packed box with ice packs.

The recipes come printed on nice, easy to read cards, and all the ingredients were easy to organize for each meal.

All the produce appeared to be fresh and I was impressed with how great everything looked.  The instructions for the meal were easy to follow and it was fun trying new recipes.

 The second meal was BBQ roasted chicken with sweet potato fries, and carrots with collard greens.  I had never had collard greens before,  and they weren’t bad. The things I really like about Blue Apron is they let you choose your meals from a few different options, the produce appeared very fresh, and the price is a little lower than other companies.  They also let you skip deliveries.  I am a little disappointed that they only have an app for iPhones and not for androids.  It would be nice to have an app to manage my account.

Overall I like Blue Apron.  It is simple, the food is good, and it really helps make life easier.



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